Proud to be an ape

No matter how many Christians will tell you otherwise, this guy is our cousin.

Let’s face it, we’re apes. We share 97% of our DNA with the other great apes, such as gorillas and chimpanzees. Hell, chimpanzees have even learned to form armies to fend off or even kill predators and rival chimps. As I said before, we are creatures of the jungle. And yet, is that so bad?

Think, we’re apes, and look how far we’ve come. Like all creatures, we’re flawed, but look at how high we’ve climbed up the mountain of potential. We are creatures of the jungle, creatures of chaos. And yet, look at us. Our achievements. Our progress (though it often aims the wrong way). Our power. Our nature is not perfect, at least not in someone’s eys, but put it this way: if we did have “perfect” nature, what would we be, and how would it be any better? Look how far we’ve gotten with our primal nature and our stone age brain. Sure, we’re blind now. Most of us are blind to the truth, and our potential, but I’m a believer in human potential. We’re complex creatures, ya see. If we can do evil, then we can also do good. If we can blind ourselves, then we can also awake ourselves from ignorance. If we can be weak, then we can also be strong. We can destroy, and we can also create. Some of us can see beyond what we appear to see. And we can guide ourselves to any outcome we want, even to something spiritual. Can a robot do that? No. Because a robot lacks what we humans pride on so much.

And that’s why I’m proud to be an ape, a creature of the jungle, a creature of chaos.


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