My thoughts on Satanism (the initial impressions)

Lately I feel like telling of my stance on Satanism. First, I want to make distincitions between the various forms of Satanism.

Satanism was founded in 1966 by a former jazz musician named Anton LaVey. Otherwise known as LaVeyan Satanism, it’s an atheistic philosophy that values indulging in our desires and sins (unless it harms others), and doesn’t believe in a literal Satan, or anything supernatural for that matter, but rather sees Satan as a symbol for values such as selfishness, free will, individualism, indulgence, enlightenment, and man adhering to his nature. Besides valuing self-indulgence and individualism, they also have an eye-for-an-eye morality (though they usually prefer placing symbolic curses over actually hurting people).

By contrast, theistic Satanism involves actual worship of an entity by the name of or resembling Satan. Theistic Satanist organizations are disavowed by Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan (both atheistic), since they directly worship a satanic entity. There are plenty of theistic Satanist organizations, including Luciferianism, which worships Lucifer as the Lightbringer and counts the Abrahamic god as an evil entity wishing to enslave mankind, and the Temple of Set, which claims to be the world’s leading left-hand path religious organization. Interestingly the Temple of Set is individualistic while having no position on Satan’s existence. Set is believed to be the dark lord behind the Hebrew Satan.

Set, the Egyptian god of chaos.

So what’s my stance? I actually have a positive opinion of LeVayen philosophy, since I am a great supporter of individualism and value sexual liberty, even though I am not technically an atheist, or strictly materialistic. As for theistic Satanism, I am neutral towards it. I don’t worship Satan, but I’ve got nothing against most organizations. Really, it’s not as evil as it sounds. The media just attributes Satanism and the occult to criminal activity such as murder (especially ritual killings), human sacrifice, pedophilia, baby killings, and others. Does the infamous Satanic panic of the 80’s ring a bell? That was, of course, a media shitstorm designed to both generate fear among the ignorant, and garner attention for outlets presenting the sensationalist “headlines”.

Even South Park shows it’s ignorance, though it may be for the purpose of parody.

I think the common perception of Satanists as being all goat-sacrficing, baby-sacrificing, blood orgy-participating, cult murderers comes from years of brainwashing and believing what we’re told from movies like Rosemary’s Baby, books like Michelle Remembers (which probably started the whole damn fake panic in the first place, which was advertised as a true story, but would later be debunked), the moral fever against heavy metal using Satanic imagery and lyrics (such as Slayer, Venom, and many Norwegian black metal bands), and countless Christian, conservative, and puritanical indoctrination and conditioning. Incidentally, many of said metal bands use Satanic material for shock value, and bands like Slayer like Venom admit it, but some artists are genuine Satanists, including King Diamond (he was a LeVayen, and I heard he knew Anton LeVay while he was still alive), Gorgoroth (though I’m pretty sure they aren’t LeVayens, the lead singer stated that he wasn’t), and Boyd Rice (he was a close friend of Anton LeVay, too bad he also has a Social Darwinist organization).

Overall, I don’t have a problem with Satanism in general. Some things still disturb me, but that’s not my basis for judging the philosophy. But don’t expect me to go around shouting “Hail Satan” any time soon, ’cause there’d be no point.


8 responses to “My thoughts on Satanism (the initial impressions)

      • Essentially, a book supposedly based on a true story called Michelle Remembers came out in the 80’s, and it made allegations of Satanic ritual abuse (almost none of which have been proven), starting a moral panic founded on pretty much nothing.

    • I did reseach on that, and the lead singer was a theistic Satanist in the band’s early years and he reportedly put inverted crosses on him all the time. But given they’re a death metal band, you never know when it might just be sensationalism. He’s definitely anti-Christian, but that just means he’s giving Satanic and anti-Christian beliefs a bad look, just like Norwegian black metal artists. The drummer for Deicide doesn’t have the same beliefs, as he doesn’t worship anything.

  1. I think most Theistic Satanist are probably rebel teenagers.
    I respect LaVeyan Satanism a lot. Although I disagree with some of their beliefs, they preach responsibility for one’s actions, not harming animals or little children, etc.

    • I’m 18 close to 19, and I’m still not a theistic Satanist, because worshipping someone who is against worshipping a god seems like missing the point. Still, I’m not going to talk down to theistic Satanists, especially not young ones, since I don’t like the stereotype, and because they are still cooler than Christians, by a long shot. Except for inverse Christians, like Joy of Satan, and Euronymous.

      Exactly. LeVayens are the best out of the bunch, though the Temple of Set is also individualistic as a left hand organization. I have a friend who sells the left hand way quite well.

    • I’m a theistic Satanist and I am in my thirties. In my teens, I oscillated between atheism and Christianity. I’m sure some “rebel” teenagers are theistic Satanists – just as some of them are atheistic Satanists, or non-Satanists. But there are plenty of theistic Satanists who have not been teenagers for many years now.

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