Heavy metal as a spiritual vehicle

One day I want to take time to find spiritual power, and I am planning on experimenting with my favourite form of music: heavy metal.

Metallica aren’t the only band, but this skull really embodies a key quality of metal aesthetic.


Heavy metal is vigorous, unrelenting, raw, and deep. From the classic metal whose sonic hyms were sounding like thunder by the gods of heavy metal (such as Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, or Iron Maiden), to the endless hellstorm of thrash metal (made famous by Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax), and many other genres like industrial metal, power metal, and nu metal. Some might find value in more extreme forms of heavy metal, like black metal, extreme metal, and death metal. Pick a genre.

Heavy metal is such a meaningful breed of music, that I think it can be used to develop spiritual power and strength. A friend of mine thinks some experimentation is in order. He says, think of the heaviest, most kick-ass heavy metal tune or song you can think of, put it on, and see whether or not you feel like you can destroy an entire army of soliders or horde of barbarians single-handedly, or conquer the world, shout the greatest, fiercest, war cry ever heard, or do anything that allows you to express a volcanic burst of power, might, or emotion.

Or like the wild fiery dance of the god Shiva.

According to him, it grants us instant access to our most visceral and raw emotional power, the kind we don’t know is even there until we vent it.

I watched a documentary called Metal: A Headbangers Jounrey, and it kind of bolstered my idea that heavy metal is spiritual and can be used to bolster your own spiritual power. On top of that, the heavy metal musicians interviewed seem like nice guys, if not really awesome people. It clinches my admiration for the genre.

So maybe today, I’ll see which songs I have kick the most ass, or have the right tune for fighting, anger, and venting power.

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