Chaos as opposed to order

The dragon is a creature long associated with primal chaos. I know it’s an Oriental dragon, but I like it.

This is sort of a follow up to yesterday’s post, dealing more in the nature of chaos, and opposed order, and dealing with the true nature of that too.

I know this might play into the “order versus chaos” kind of thing, but even I have it in the mind. Maybe it’s appealing to me. Anyway, Chaos, to me, is the primal substance and force of everything. It is the primality of all the existence. The carnal, serpentine matrix from which all springs forth. In it, supposed patterns occur, the endless play of creation, destruction, and rebirth occurs, and events happen. Everything happens there, anything is possible. Connections are created by us in order to create some kind of structure. But don’t be confused, structure and order aren’t the same, not truly.

If order is opposed to chaos, then order is really nothing. Order as opposed to chaos has no soul, no movement, because order is harmony, and true order, or true harmony, does not exist, just like absolute stillness doesn’t exist. The “harmonious” aspects of the universe we live in are merely that – aspects; a part of chaos that we enjoy. True order is an ultimate purity and peace that lasts forever. It doesn’t exist, and its existence is impossible. If it does or can exist, then such a state of perfection should be avoided. Why? Because it is an empty, all but motionless, lifeless state that does not even breathe. And when you try to make such perfect harmony in human society, it would require an overseer to dissolve all free will we have, and deprive all of its primal nature. And there you have it, true order, a state of utter perfection and harmony, but no free will, no power, no life or movement even.

Pretty much like the Christian heaven.

If you want to oversimplify it, order is true harmony and chaos is unharmonious. And look at life, or existence in general, which you could extend to beyond the physical life we see. It’s not always coherent, and it’s not very harmonious, not truly. That’s not to say complete discord is all there is, or that there is no room to rest. In chaos, pretty much anything happens, and everything moves somewhere. And of course there’s conflict between something and another, pretty much all the time. For all I know, all of us are always fighting against something in life.

Simply put, order does not exist. Nor can it ever truly exist.

Hell, just the fact that conflict and spontaneous events can happen can tell you that order doesn’t truly exist. What one may call order from chaos is really something starting another, or one event starting a chain of other events and happenings, the exchanges of said events and happenings, and reactions. And yet, I’m alright with that, because there being no order doesn’t necessarily mean we live in a universe of doom. In fact, what’s more fun? An existence where any meaning is your own, or one where the meaning is decided for you? An existence full of life, or one full of nothing? Would you live with primal chaos, or run away to the illusion of order?


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