Zeitgeist: The Scam

In 2007, a man by the name of Peter Joseph set out make a conspiracy documentary movie about Christianity, 9/11, and the Federal Reserve (which are not related subjects), titled Zeitgeist: The Movie. A year later, he released a sequel titled Zeitgeist: Addendum, which continues to cover the Federal Reserve, but also lays out Jacque Fresco’s utopian vision called The Venus Project, which tries to create a “resource-based economy” based on social cooperation and scientific methodology. In 2011, a third movie got released, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, which lays out the project more, as well as discussing human nature.

Now that the history is out the way, let me tell why this is all a sham.

Sure it was convincing when I watched the movies in 2010, and shocking enough, but it’s a mess thinking about it now.

The first movie’s first assertion is that Christianity is a cult based around Jesus being a sun god, based on the false assumption that “God’s Son” is a homophone of Sun, even though the English  language wasn’t around at the time of the Roman Empire when Christianity was born, or when Jesus was even supposed to be alive. Why is that important? Because son and sun are only homophones in the English language, and they had different words in the languages that came before it. Furthermore, it tries to assert that Jesus was a direct rip-off of other saviour gods, most notably Horus. He asserts that Horus, and other deities (such as Mithras and Krishna, freaking Krishna) had by and large the same background as Jesus, though none of them were crucified or were born on December 25 (and that’s not counting the fact that Jesus wasn’t even born on December 25th to begin with) and most of them did not have virgin mothers. It tries to assert Christianity as a rip-off of pagan beliefs simply by nature of coincidental similarities, some of which might as well have been pulled out of his ass.

The second is just one long 9/11 conspiracy bit. If this was just a 9/11 truth movie, I’d be fine with it. But this is dealing with 9/11 after dealing with Christianity, so the real problem is not 9/11 conspiracies, but rather the progression, as the ideas are unrelated.

The third assertion is that the Federal Reserve runs everything; again, after 9/11 and Christianity, forming a string of unrelated topics. I used to believe that, but now, I doubt it. They also believe that World War 1, World War 2, and Vietnam, were provoked by a 9/11-esque conspiracy, all of them involving the sinking of maritime vessels, and were aimed at feeding money to central banking. The movie also decontextualizes quotes, sources, and the movie Network.

The other two movies serve primarily to promote the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement, the end of the second movie blatantly giving tips on how to be part of it. While Moving Forward was actually the most entertaining movie of the three (you gotta love the animations), it’s not much. I find it ironic that Peter Joseph in the movie tries to debunk the notion that his movement is not communist or Marxist, while the Venus Project actually comes very close. I mean think, society is run by what is effectively a giant computer, and he honestly believes people will look after the system of their own free will because he believes the system will take care of them, and he also advocates a kind of sharing where you don’t truly own anything. Sounds like communism to me, a kind of futuristic, holistic, utopian, communism, and it doesn’t sound good to me.

Speaking of Peter Joseph, and the Zeitgeist Movement, all the Zeitgeist Movement ever was is just a self-proclaimed activist wing for the Venus Project, and Joseph himself is little more than a conspiracy theorist and a charismatic figurehead who silences dissenting opinion on his forums. Doesn’t that sound like a cult to you? He rarely talks about 9/11, but will openly ban anyone who attempts to debunk 9/11 conspiracy theories, while not banning anyone who promotes them, all while claiming his movement is not about 9/11. He calls everyone “kids” to seem superior, calls everyone who disagrees with him insanse or mentally ill, and silences dissenting opinion on his forums. A user named peterpan posted a slightly dissenting opinion on the forum, and later got his post deleted, topic locked, and he himself later got banned.

Ex-members will notice a growing cult of personality around Peter Joseph. In the movement, his word is law, whether anyone in the movement likes to admit it or not, and he acts unilaterally to forbid members from talking to outsiders and banning members who post on their forums who aren’t glorifying him.

To conclude, the movie has one good intention: teaching you not to obey the establishment. Unfortunately, he wants you to follow his word instead. All in all, I’m glad I never joined the movement.


3 responses to “Zeitgeist: The Scam

  1. I remember watching Bill Maher’s Religulous. In it, he claimed Horus, Krishna, and Mithras did all the same things as Jesus did. I checked it out, and I could find no evidence supporting Bill Maher’s claim that Horus had 12 disciples and was crucified. I already knew he wasn’t born of a virgin (his mother was Isis, who was the wife of Osiris.)
    Krishna was not born of a virgin. He was conceived immaculately, but his mother had already had seven children with her husband, and wasn’t a virgin. He was transported to another woman’s womb though.

  2. Peter Joseph and his are indeed very messy and carry little valid evidence to support his claims concerning religion, 9/11 etc. It has been labelled as conspiracy theory and a cult some time ago and for good reasons. This is also one of the reasons why The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project split up (this is unfortunately not common knowledge). Yet “split up” is not necessarily a good word to use since the relationship of Joseph to TVP is somewhat different.

    He came up with all the “conspiracy-like” problems people are facing in the society but propose any reasonable solutions. He found them in the person of Jaques Fresco who has been addressing them for many decades. Joseph became sort of infatuated with Fresco’s method of thinking and used some of them in his films. The Venus Project is not Peter Joseph’s “movement” – he only supported it in his own, not very effective way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJbRM46tltI

    If you want to understand anything about TVP then go to http://www.thevenusproject.com/ directly. Yes, it sounds communist, Utopian and Marxist to you, because you have been educated to associate certain aspects of it as communist, Utopian or Marxist but that does not mean that it IS any of those things. On the other hand it IS futuristic, since it talks about the future of society and it IS holistic because it is based on the idea that we should live as a part of the natural systems but these aspects should not be branded as “not good” without further investigation. If you wish to keep ridiculing TVP as a hoax because of its connections to Zeitgeist, please watch the video, and if you wish to expose any fallacies in Fresco’s plan for social change, please have a quick read through http://thevenusproject.com/en/the-venus-project/faq – I am sure anyone interested in the project would find constructive criticism valuable.

    If you want to disprove something, you need to understand what it is that you are disproving. I wish Peter Joseph had realized that before he began his cinematic crusade. 🙂

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