Sex and the demonic

Sex and desire were always enemies of religion, because religion asks for the sublimation and suppression of human desires, and tries to justify it mythologically. I seem to notice much of the demonic has a very carnal quality, and in a strange way it relates to sexuality.

Think, most religions have their ideal god or angels as being above sexual desire, and they idealize detachment from sexuality and earthly desires, and their demons seem to embody carnal and sexual desires. Satan, or Lucifer, seems to be associated sexuality, if mainly through temptation and desire.

The demonic in general feels quite carnal. I’m not sure why, but it probably has something to do with Satan’s nature as a sexual being, or perhaps all demons are carnal beings.

But none of this is a bad thing. All it means is that religion seems to demonize sexuality. And if this is all this is about, maybe the demonic isn’t all bad.


4 responses to “Sex and the demonic

  1. Religion was invented to control people (generally) and the sexuality of women (specifically). The devil is just a construct to permit anyone who disagrees to be tortured to death.

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