Differences and Hindu gods

Let’s say my fist is fire and red, and my brother’s is ice and blue.

I wanted to learn differences between me and my brother. We’re twins, so I try hard as hell to establish differences between us. Besides appearance, general style, and musical style, I try to establish differences in philosophy, and what methods we’d use if we were heroes.

Whereas I would prefer the destruction and dissolution of all control-based and authoritarian/totalitarian social infrastructure, dish out vehement retribution to the establishment, and allow for and teach people to empower themselves, sustaining their freedom by the fire of their will, my brother advocates fixing society, correcting past mistakes, restoring right, removing and preventing corruption, and undoing hypocrisy and double standards (particularly the ones we teach to children).

I value freedom (as I define it), strength (mostly of will), individuality above collectivity, personal power, justice (and revenge), rejecting authority, sexual liberty, and self-kingship (you being the master of your life, your self, and destiny). He values equality, freedom defined by rights, moral social duty placed on public officials and the wealthy, education as an antidote for social problems, logical justice, and tight regulation of corporations, banking, government, and media. I realize this is more political but still.

I wouldn’t spare a dictator or totalitarian ruler at all, and brutalize him to death on principle. My brother would make him hit rock bottom until he can’t take it.

Let’s just say, his worldview and mine are very different. I even start to think he might be Order and I might be Chaos, in a generic sense.

His principles and methods, along with his style, compared to mine, actually remind me of the difference between Shiva and Vishnu. Shiva was the wild, hedonistic god of creation and destruction with a righteous streak to boot, while Vishnu was the preserver and restorer of the universe who often poses as a saviour. I relate myself to Shiva, and my brother to Vishnu.

Shiva and Vishnu.

I know it seems strange, but I just feel that that I find similarities between the differences between me and my brother and the differences between Shiva and Vishnu. Shiva is more wild and Vishnu just seems more orderly to me.


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