My thoughts on science

Science is the study, analysis, and interpretation of physical phenomenon. Forget all that crap about science versus faith. Forget the notion of science existing only after religion. For you see, science has been around since the first caveman tried to figure out how to make fire, or how the world around them was born. It was born of the desire to know about the physical world around them. To that end, we have created, tested, and demolished (and rarely revived) many ideas pertaining to physical phenomenon.

But be aware that science can only test what we can see. It can only observe physical phenomenon. Science is not a religion to be blindly followed, despite what some people will say. There are some who will take science as the replacement for religion, when in fact science and religion have completely different goals. This is often perpetrtated by advocates of scientism, who believe that physical science is the only path to the truth.

Compare scientism with Abrahamism. You’ll see that the two are no different.

As I said before, science can only go so far. It will find causes for physical phenomenon, but it will never truly answer the big philosophical questions like “Why are we here?”, “Is there a god?”, or “What lies beyond death?”, among so many others. Take evolution, for example. Evolution only explains how Man came to be the way we are and not why. So you could still say that a god or something similar orchestrated evolution, if you believe in one. Or the Big Bang. You can find a physical cause for the Big Bang, like a god-like particle or something like it, but it still leaves the possibility of saying that a god planted it there, or made the universe explode into birth.

Not mention, people are still searching for a theory of everything. And I’m not talking about a personal worldview or general view on life. No, a bona fide, solid, final, unified theory of everything. Such a thing is not only impossible, considering there are some things we can never account for or measure, but also dangerous for human society. Why? Because it will create a situation in which people no longer have to think for themselves or come to their own conclusions, there already being a dogmatic theory of all for everyone to follow. Not only would people be lazy and not thinking for themselves, but people would also ostracize anyone who disagrees. It’d be no different from what the Catholic Church tried to do.

Nice going, jerk.

The point is, don’t look up to science to answer every single thing, because it can’t. It is a means of studying physical phenomenon, and it has brought great progress, but it can never answer everything for you, let alone on its own.


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