The importance of a worldview

What is a worldview? It’s your personal view of the world, your general philosophy of life, your system through which you view the world, and the sum of your beliefs about reality. Call it an ideology if you want, but it’s important. Every single person in the world and their mother has one, and we all have biases. The worldview is important because we need and like to have a lens of our own. It defines us. It helps us discern.

My worldview for instance is that all things are born from primal chaos, which makes up all things, and there is no great decider or grand order/law of things. Be aware that our eyes do not see all of reality. We as human beings have free will, posses both radiant and dark qualities, as well as a something truly primal inside, and we as individuals are responsible for all our actions, no one else, no matter what inspires the actions. We decide our own fate and what the meaning to our life is. Freedom is born and furthered by the fire of your will, and the strength to carry it. Do what you want but don’t expect to go unopposed or without consequences.

What is yours?


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