Can’t see how Adam turned that down.

I felt like continuing the sympathy for the devil trail with a character that seems synonymous with sexuality and lust. I’m talking, of course, about Lilith. Also, this is not intended to be from a feminist perspective.

In the pseudopigraphical Alphabet of Ben Sira, Adam was born from the earth, but so was Lilith before Eve was born from Adam’s rib. Adam wanted Lilith to do as he commanded, and submit to his will, but she refused to obey him. She refused to be subservient to Adam, and demanded she be treated equally to him. This, in a time where, for the most part, women were not considered equal to men in any way, and were thought to be below men. Naturally, Adam didn’t like it, and I assume Yahweh wasn’t happy either. Then she pronounced the name of the Biblical god (YHWH), which was forbidden, and she was banished from the garden.

After a while, Adam got lonely and beseeched Yahweh to forgive Lilith, and so he sent three angels to try and turn her back to the garden, or else one hundred of her children will die every day (she must have a looooootta kids to put up with that). And she refused, and was now a complete outcast, roaming the wilderness and going on to marry Samael, the serpent who some say was the serpent who tempted Eve. She would then follow a campaign of vengeance against Adam and Eve’s future offspring.

Samael as depicted in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. If this was the serpent that tempted Adam and Eve, he’s pretty damn cool.

The reason I sympathize with Lilith should be easy enough, and it’s not just because Lilith’s a woman. Think: Adam, and Yahweh, demanded subservience, and Lilith refused. Kinda speaks volumes don’t you think? Besides, I can’t help but think she wouldn’t be so nasty if Adam wasn’t such a dick, or if Yahweh was just so, well, Yahweh. In the end, she’s the victim of sexual repression by Adam and Yahweh (to an extent). Plus, how do you deal with losing 100 of your kids every day?

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