The PMRC’s persecution of Twisted Sister

You know what this is about.

While I do not profess myself to be a fan of Twisted Sister, I am a heavy metal fan, and Twisted Sister is kind of important to the history of the genre. Besides, there’s something in heavy metal’s history I think is worth mentionig.

Back in 1984, Twisted Sister released the song We’re Not Gonna Take It, an anthem of youth rebellion and empowerment. The music video was classic. Dee Snider creating slapstick mayhem while singing in that voice. Just cool. Evidently The Man hated the idea behind the song, because soon the grown ups, supposed authority figures, and political opportunists, tried to find a reason to get rid of it. When the PMRC was formed about a year later, they tried to label it as violent, even putting it among the Filthy Fifteen under Violence, despite the only “violence” being a slapstick music video.

It’s my conviction that this was a campaign by politicians (and their wives) to crack down on a song that preached youth rebellion, freedom, and empowerment, something that, for some reason, America’s establishment seems to disfavour, despite speaking of the values freedom and independence over and over. Fortunately, Dee Snider, the lead vocalist, kicked the PMRC’s ass in the hearings. It still makes me wonder, why persecute the freedom anthem?


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