God has no power

Yep, this is about the Abrahamic god.

Think about this: he’s supposed to be all-powerful, right? Well he’s not. In fact, he only has any power or control over you if you believe he does. If you deny he has any power or just don’t believe in him, or both, he won’t have any power or control over your life. Some of the power he holds, then, comes from indoctrination. If you are indoctrinated into believing in the Abrahamic god, and into fear of the god, then logically that means you are then indoctrinated into thinking that he has any power or control over you, and that’s where you acquire spiritual slavery or submission.

If he had any real, objective power, then he could act against something that opposes his will. Why doesn’t he? Take Israel for example, his supposed holy land. If he was all-powerful and would use it against those who attack Israel, why didn’t he repel the sackings of his own temple by the Babylonians, and then the Romans? Why does he not make war with Iran, who wants to wipe Israel off the map? Why didn’t he stop the Muslims from claiming Israel in the Crusades? Why did he not support or protect Israel from attackers when the new nation of Israel was born? Why isn’t he sorting out who’s boss in Jerusalem today? Why, if the people of Israel are his chosen people?

How about the Christians? Why did he never protect them from Roman persecution? If he’s so adamant about people believing in him, why doesn’t he do something about it?

Or in general, if he’s so all-powerful, and all-loving, why does he let children die, or not prevent genocide?

He can’t do jack shit, because he has no power, or control, or even authority, unless you believe he does. If you tune out, deny his power and control, or don’t believe him, he has no power, no spiritual authority. If you want to get rid of that god, then, everyone would have to tune out, reject his authority, or just stop believing, and I’m not going in to that fully here. The point is that the Abrahamic god has no power unless you allow yourself to believe he has any spiritual authority, and with that, you know how to save yourself, by denying that spiritual authority.


3 responses to “God has no power

  1. Thank you!!!!!!! Even when I was brain washed into, “believing” in he/she/it they didn’t do jackshit for me. I continued to suffer endlessly, one thing after another. When I prayed, it was like “begging” Hitler to save me because I was Jewish (which I’m not of course). The so-called Christians (which I’m embarrassed to say that I thought I was one in the thankfully far & distant past) are more treacherous and hypocritical than anyone I’d ever met. Yeah, pray you fools. See how far that will get you. Go and try to pay your bills with prayers. I shudder at the thought of all of the idiots in this world. Hooping, hollering and praising What? Who? Please!!@!@! And just in case, there is really a god, hopefully they read this and learn something. I refuse to praise something that doesn’t mean me any good and who’s been quietly sitting on their ass ignoring me. FOH!

    • I’m happy to see that one of my posts has inspired you in some way, especially considering this was a post from three years ago. I’ve grown a lot since 2013, but I guess my views on the external God haven’t departed from that post significantly.

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