Peaceful protest is not the answer to oppression

Flower power my ass.

Protest is, in most eyes, synonymous with revolution and is considered a staple in democratic societies. But what does it really do? Does it really get anything done? Call me crazy, but I doubt it. Time and time again we’ve shown ourselves that action, specifically direct action, has always been the path to results, and I seriously doubt peaceful protest offers said direct action, not least against tyranny.

The solution to tyranny and oppression is to fight against and destroy it. That’s how it’s always been. Tyranny and oppression deserve only destruction and death. And simply protesting won’t do. To oppose oppression and injustice, we must make war. Simply protesting will not help anything.

In fact, remember the Libyan revolution? That started out as peaceful protests marching down the streets, demanding change and reform, and then Gaddafi started spraying his own people with bullets and death. That’s when the people of Libya decided it was time to go to war. You could call it civil war, but I don’t see anything civil about it. They freed cities and towns from Gaddaffi Then, a wonderful thing happened: they found Gaddafi hiding in a pipe, dragged his sorry ass out, and killed him. Justice was done, though the West tried to suppress those images in order to desperately and pointlessly protect the image that Libya was undergoing an orderly transition.

The lesson here is that action and the warfare of revolution killed tyranny in this case, not flower power. Here’s hoping I see more of this.


2 responses to “Peaceful protest is not the answer to oppression

  1. Didn’t they kill Gaddaffi by literally sodomizing him with a knife?
    Peaceful protest can sometimes be the answer. Sometimes. But when the government doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your lives, it isn’t a good idea. Gandhi succeeded because the British couldn’t afford to look bad in front of the world. Gaddaffi would just laugh and give the world the middle finger.

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