A world made by moral guardians is a world of emptiness and suicide

Pictured: Bullshit. Particularly espoused by a lame person.

Ever noticed that moral guardians always go after the things that make us happy? They’re always out to get rid of anything that is not “morally clean”. You know, the kind of people who make loud and false claims that video games are evil, that Harry Potter is satanic, and that a woman’s naked body permanently damages anyone who sees it, and believe that children should be protected from fucking everything (the German, and possibly also the Australian, government is full of those types). They have flat out ridiculous moral standards, almost always motivated by religion, or their fundamentalist religious beliefs.

But this isn’t about them, strictly. This is about what kind of world they’d end up creating. Lots of the things they go after make us happy. We enjoy heavy metal music, it makes happy, helps us deal with life, confronts issues we would deny, and empowers us. We like playing video games because they empower us, they take us to a world where we can take out our desires, and they let us enjoy ourselves (most of the time, and in the case of good games). Some of us read books because we get the pleasure of being taken to another realm, kinda like in video games. Same is true of movies. Violent movies put us in the action (and the sexy action) without us having to experience the potential consequences, or because some of us want to see it happen, or want to see someone kill bad guys. Even monster and horror movies fulfil some people’s need to see the content their looking for. Some of us drink and smoke stuff to keep ourselves happy. It might work, it might not, but you can only find out one way.

Now imagine if everything that wasn’t “clean” but made us happy had been removed just to “protect” children. We’d be in a pretty bland and unhappy place. No sexual liberty, no musical freedom, no free media. And would you believe there’d be more suicides and death? See, music makes you feel better about life after a hard day, heavy metal especially makes you feel better, inspires you not to give up. The music never judges you, it’s always there for if you’re willing to listen. It keeps you alive. Take that away, and chances are there’ll be more young suicides. Take away violent video games, and chances are you’re more likely to be killing real people rather than taking your homicidal anger out on virtual people. Take away sexual excitement, and I’m sure relationships will end much faster. Take away things that are part of being human, and things go wrong with human beings. The sad thing is that in such a world, the moral guardians will never acknowledge that that things are be going wrong, or that it’s their fault for creating a puritanical world where people live in fear of going outside imposed dogmatic standards and actually kill themselves or other people more often than without violent media and heavy metal. They’ll just say that a group of devil worshippers or supposed Satanists are inspiring people to kill themselves and each other, like any suburban murder.

Pictured: Someone who really doesn’t give two fucks about youth suicide.

And the sad thing is, plenty of them are just political opportunists seeking to get attention based on something popular, which only helps the sales of the media they’re trying to ban. Who knows, they’re probably serectly more perverted and depraved than they appear. These people are useless and contribute nothing to society, except maybe to remind us who the real enemy is.


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