Why can’t we just recognize the Armenian genocide for what it was?

This is a piece by the artist George Maciunas, it mentiones a few genocides, but not one mention of the Armenian genocide, for some reason.

Between 1915 and 1923, the Ottoman Turkish government killed 60,000-1.8 million of the Armenian population, mainly through massacre and forced deportation in death marches. And today, many nations, including Turkey, and even America (or at least Barack Obama), don’t recognize it as a genocide, though most historians and genocide scholars do. To be fair, twenty countries “offically” recognize the events as a genocide, but that’s what bugs me. Why do we need to recgonize the Armenian genocide “officially”, when we can just recognize it as a genocide?

When dealing with genocide, why do we need to recognize it “officially”? Is there a problem with simply recognizing a genocide for what it is. Though, in the case of nations, it might have something to with Turkish interests. Turkey tries to deny the events were anything other than a genocide. In fact, they tried to claim that “there was no will to exterminate a population”. They tried to claim it was the “consequences of war”.

What war!?

 Also, you know what’s strange? America’s position. Not only do only 43 out of 50 states recognize the genocide, but also, while Ronald Reagan, an overrated right-wing nut, recognizes the genocide for what it was, Barack Obama, the darling of the masses, has gone on record to try an avoid using the term (Note: I’m not defending anyone in this statement). The only way he came close was using the Armenian synonym, Meds Yeghern, which translates to “Great Crime”. However satisfying you think it might be, he still doesn’t recognize it as a genocide.

Look, what I’m trying say is that why debate over whether to “officially” recognize a genocide for what it is, when we can just recognize it? There’s no excuse to bullshit around, or just plain deny the facts.


3 responses to “Why can’t we just recognize the Armenian genocide for what it was?

  1. Adolf Hitler forced nine million people into concentration camps. He lost the war and is universally hated. Oliver Cromwell massacred the Scottish, Welsh, and especially the Irish. He won the war and get’s a statue outside the British House of Congress.
    “Officially recognize” my ass. We don’t need to “officially” recognize anything. I don’t know much about the Armenian Genocide, but I do know if a country didn’t “officially recognize” the Holocaust as a genocide, the Anti-Defamation League would be on their asses like a rabid dog.

    • I know. Why do we need to “officially” recognize something like this, when we can just recognize it? It makes no sense. And why won’t Turkey stop denying the facts?

      Honestly, I didn’t know that part about Oliver Cromwell till now. All I knew was that he got rid of the monarchy and Puritans took control afterwards, resulting in strict religious laws, including the actual banning of Christmas. It didn’t last, though.

      • Cromwell was a bit of a bastard. I don’t know of the extent of his actions in Scotland and Wales, but supposedly, in Ireland, he is really hated.
        The main reason for his actions was the Irish participated on the side of the monarchy (if I remember correctly.) plus, most of the Irish were Catholic and Cromwell had a hard-on for Catholics. There are records of his armies locking Irish Catholics in church and setting it on fire.
        Ireland’s population has never recovered.

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