Why I disagree with the notion that money doesn’t make you happy

By the way I’ve counted, and that picture shows $90,000. I think I’d be well off I had that.

I wish for a better life, free from mediocrity, and I think money can lead me to happiness. But that’s not what the rest of us think. In fact, we’re indoctrinated by songs and movies to believe that money either doesn’t lead to happiness or serves to compromise happiness, and it’s all fabricated by the same people who are rich and happy with it, just to convince us to be thankful for whatever shit we’ve got. Sure, money is not the sole key to happiness. There never is one thing that by itself guarantess happiness. But having enough money can grant access to happiness that would otherwise not be obtained if you didn’t.

They say money can’t buy peace of mind, but it depends on what peace of mind you want. When you’re poor, you have to constantly worry about not being able to afford food, water, electricity, your own home, and if you had more money, you would have peace of mind. They say money can’t buy “simple pleasures”, but what simple pleasures are we talking about? Plenty of pleasures do cost money you know. They say it can’t buy happiness, but what happiness do you want? Think!

I don’t have much money, and I’m NOT satisfied or happy in case those living in Hollywood morality tales didn’t notice. Why the hell would I want to be convinced that I’m better off without having money, or being just an average person?

I’d like to mention¬†there’s a guy on Cracked.com who wrote a good two-part article on the same subject, and I’m sure he covers the subject better than I due to him being more experienced. Though he has different life experiences (he used to be poor before becoming an Internet comedy writer, also I’m not rich), I think he and I are on the side.

Links to part 1 and 2:

Part 1

Part 2


One response to “Why I disagree with the notion that money doesn’t make you happy

  1. Nice post! I agree with you on the fact that money is important. We need enough money in order to get by and cover our basic needs. However, if you have more money than you need to lead a normal life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you feel happier than the others.

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