Spirituality does not need submission, or sublimation

I never liked spiritualites that involved the dissolution and sublimation of the ego and the self, and submission to a higher thing. So why is that kind of spirituality so common, or at least in most religions, especially the theistic kind? Submission to a god or detachment from self or ego is often a given.

Why must it be? And why self-mortification too?

Perhaps, this kind of spirituality is so embraced in religions because serene and gentle individuals without self are easier to control and manipulate because they see no need to fight for or defend their individuality and freedom.

My ideal spirituality, on the other hand, is different. I say break away from submission, take the power to make your own road, have no masters, you are the king of your own world and your life, get to know primal chaos, and know your inner flame. I hope for a spirituality where desire is a joy, not something to be sublimated.


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