Thoughts on Shiva’s best friend

In Hinduism, Vishnu is the preserver of the universe, and Shiva’s best friend, I believe. For some reason, I have always seen Vishnu and Shiva as being somewhat rivalled and having different outlooks.

In contrast to Shiva’s wild nature, Vishnu seems like a more careful god. He seems like a god more oriented towards kindness, compassion, mercy. I mean, besides him cheating the Asuras that one time. He seems more civil than Shiva. Maybe it’s appearances, maybe it’s concept but I think they seem like different gods with different outlooks.

Truth be told I like him as a watery and aquatic deity (he’s very associated with water), but that’s about it.


2 responses to “Thoughts on Shiva’s best friend

  1. I kind of have a dislike for the Hindu Vishnu. As Krishna, he was an unfeeling psychopath who had quite the double standard.
    Personally, I am more partial to Shiva. He is the creator and destroyer, the ascetic and the householder, etc. Although he can be quite violent, he can also be merciful, such as when he brought Daksha back to life.

    • I’ve got nothing on Krishna, I find things I like and hate about him, and other avatars, but don’t care otherwise, though many of his avatars, after Varaha, are only tools of maintaining the authority of the gods. I am also partial to Shiva, as the creator and destroyer, but not an ascetic or householder, I see him as so much more. Wild, sensual, energetic, violent, yet just. He’s like someone I might want to be.

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