Politics was never about ideals

Politics, the most boring thing ever besides staring at paint and silence. You would think based on that that there is no point at all to it. To that I’d say you are kinda right.

You hear about it on the news, and how many times have you asked “what the hell does it mean?”, “what the hell does it do?” All it’s been is a way for people to justify their authority and their actions. All it ever was is policies and decrees. And if you’re looking for ideals, like freedom, or peace, or for their defence, in the realm of politics, then you will not find any such hope.

Do not support politicians or¬†political parties, for they only seek authority, and do not want to defend any ideals. Don’t even care for political ideologies either, for they only consist of goals for a society, how it should be run, and how those goals are to be reached. Place your loyalty only in what ideals you have, not in politics.


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