My six elements

Remember the very first post I made? It contains poetic language pertaining to what I consider to be elements of my soul. Just for kicks, I feel like expanding on it, talking more in depth. By the way, this has nothing to do with astrology, which I do not believe in.


This one should be a no-brainer, right? Fire’s all over this site, to the point I’m surprised I don’t talk about it very often here. Maybe I will. I might have wanted to stay away from it earlier due to what I saw as its primarily destructive nature, but deep down I realized, fire kicks ass, and it’s in me. Think: heat, intense energy, wilderness, passion, anger, these are things that fire embodies and I have. Recently, in my philosophy and spiritual philosophy, I am developing the concept of a subterranean/chthonic flame within us, which I will discuss


I wish I could find a good image like this with jungle stuff as well.

Earth to me pictures both jungles, plants, dirt, energies of the earth, and lava and volcanic force. After all, lava, or magma, is merely the blood of the earth, the chthonic and inner fire of the planet, of all planets. Where fire is mostly passion, emotion, and anger, earth is much more sensual. The earthly delights I dream of.


I wish I could find an image with both that sunlight and flames around it.

Light to me has heat, but also to me connontates brilliance, radiance, summer heat (which I love, especially in the city), and brighter human qualities. It is human brilliance, and divine.

Id (Carnal Darkness)

Let’s just say these three colours represent id and carnal desire, and imagine them mixed, and without the orbs.

Remember when I said darkness was part of the mix? Well I see two kinds of darkness. The carnal, sensual, edgy darkness, and I the empty, nihilistic, desolate darkness. I prefer the former dark: carnal, sensual, sexual, lust, sin (in a religious context), demons and devils, arousal, and, for some reason, the pagan. It is also a serpentine darkness. Like earth, it’s about pleasure. Though some would say it has less to do with darkness per say, and more to do with carnality, sin, and desire, though I just call it dark, because I like it. I dislike the nihlism, emptiness, wallowing, sadism, of the other darkness.

Chaos (or more or less my love of it)

Red and black are the colours of chaos, the primal thing.

Chaos, as I’ve discussed before, chaos is the primal element, matter, substance. To me it screams power and primal. Mainly, it’s my love of chaos that allows me to individualize this. Chaos is also an image, an idea, that inspires so much in me, including how I think.


Closest approximation made by someone.

Believe it or not, ego is not a problem for me, given that I value self, and selfhood. Ego often translates to self, but most people refer to self, and I consider ego as a deeper understanding of self, something of energy. It has such power. But be careful. Try not to be blind to your ego or lose yourself to it. Be aware of ego, and ensure that you do not lose yourself to it, or it will lose its glory and its lustre.


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