A diatribe on one of the worst human beings to exist

This must be the face he makes when he orgasms to exploiting young girls. I’m serious.

Just to warn you, this might be my most abrasive post, until something else comes along. It ought to be, considering this is one of the worst people to still be alive.

So who is he? He’s the founder of ARK Music Factory, Patrice Wilson, maker of some of the worst crap in music history, and that guy who appears in the music video for Friday. He also happens to love exploiting young girls in music videos.

Remember Friday? I song so unsufferably bad that at best it’s a punchline, and at worst a complete waste. Pretty much everyone on the Internet hated it, it’s as though everyone on the Internet had forgotten all their disagreements to unite against something so horrible. The worst thing about it is they were just trying to make music designed for 13-year old girls, and they ended up sending Rebecca Black, the singer, to an online slaughter, which she later complained about pointlessly. And I say pointlessly because she’s a bad singer. What she might not have expected is how much hatred the song attracted.

But that’s not the worst part part. With Friday, the extremely negative reception, but with another song, Thanksgiving, it was intentional this time. You know what sucked about Friday? Well for Thanksgiving, Patrice intentionally crafted Thanksgiving to suck in exactly the same manner as Friday ended up sucking, intentionally setting up a young girl to be the victim of what is effectively electronic human sacrifice. He didn’t set himself up to be the centre of the loathing of the entire world, nor is he the star of the song, but rather he places the girl, Nicole Westbrook, as the target of the anger of the Internet, and it was all planned.

It seems like he feeds off the attention he gets. But I don’t care. Even he enjoys the attention, I want it to be known that the man is single-handedly among the lowest of humankind, not just because he makes crappy music, but drags innocent young girls into his game of making bad music and knowing full well that everyone will hate the song and take it out on the singer. You know who the scum is here.

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