My thoughts on DmC: Devil May Cry

DmC’s Dante in action

It’s been 12 days since this game came out and I first played it, now I’d like to use this opportunity to comment on it. Just so you know, I’m focusing on the main game, not any upcoming DLC expansions.

I’m sure we’re quite aware of the early controversy surrounding the new design of the lead character, Dante. And Vergil too. There’s quite a bit that’s changed about the game that, I’ll admit, doesn’t make it feel like Devil May Cry. But the gameplay feels the same as all the other Devil May Cry games. The elements are there: hack-and-slash combat, purchasing upgrades, buying items, restoring life with gold orbs, devil trigger, it’s all there, plus some interesting new elements, and a unique take on on-the-fly weapon changing. The music and bosses are also cool. Still, though, the thought of how different the story details and character designs are from previous, more traditional installments does make me feel like it’s a distance being Devil May Cry.

What makes me feel better, though, is that (a) it’s an alternate continuity, which means it doesn’t spawn from the same continuity, and (b) it’s from a Western perspective. Believe it or not, Devil May Cry from a Western perspective is not a bad idea (unlike Godzilla 1998). The story, though different, is actually somewhat interesting in its direction, and I’m getting inspired by some of its ideas recently.

Overall, it’s a great game, but it doesn’t completely feel like Devil May Cry.

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