The importance of the alter ego

Batman and Bruce Wayne

I believe that the concept of the alter ego is important to the self, for it is one of the things that drives the growth of the individual self. In most cases, the alter ego is the manifestation of everything you want to be and want to achieve, but also contains characteristics and ideals with your real or current self. The alter ego is a goal, a dream, an aspect of yourself that you wish to fulfil, the part of your self that has not been realised, or cannot be let loose in the real world, whether due to lack of confidence or fear of some sort of restrictions or other reasons. Thus, I believe the alter ego is not completely separate from the real self, or so it’s called. For if they were, how would they be related?

For instance, my alter ego is very confident, he’s like a wild animal. He does what he pleases, he has many opportunities to fulfil his ideals, his sense of justice, and his desires. And he has true freedom, by his own power. Ergo, he is strong in spirit, vicious in his heroism, and powerful.


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