The UN is useless

A sea of useless people

Supposedly, the United Nations is an international organization aimed at facilitating cooperation in international law and security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achieving world peace. Right off the bat, this comes across to me as a pathetically useless organization. But importantly, what have actually done? I don’t think they’ve done anything at all. Why do we need an international organization for social progress, which is something that happens on its own, without any help?

Supposedly they stop wars and allow for dialogue, but what good does that do?  And they were designed to stop wars and further international law, then they sure as hell did a bad job stopping the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq from happening. They failed to stop Bush from starting those wars for oil. And after ten years, Bush had never been prosecuted for what is effectively a war crime, and lying about it too.

All the UN ever was is a massive union of politicians, diplomats, delegates, and bureaucrats trying to tell nations and populations how to go about doing things, but they are completely worthless. And if tyrants like Qadaffi pop up, the UN won’t do anything about it, for fear of war. Does anyone really care anyhow if they’re gone?


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