It’s time we got rid of the Nobel Peace Prize

Not worth the gold it’s made of, if that’s actually gold.

The Nobel Peace Prize is something I honestly don’t see the point to. It seems like it has no reason to exist, as it very often awards people the prize for purely political purposes. I mean think, it’s supposedly about people who have made “outstanding contributions to peace”, but more times than not, the recipients have nothing to do with that. I don’t mind Martin Luther King Jr. or Liu Xiaobo getting the prize (the latter especially if it pisses off a regime known for human rights abuses), but the following examples say something worrying about the institution.

  • The Dalai Lama: As I already said, this guy got the award in 1989, but all he ever did was be the theocratic ruler of Tibet, who tried to ban followers from worshipping a personal deity called Dorje Shugden, and has done nothing for peace in general. Another thing he’s only ever been was be like a Buddhist god-king pope trying to tell people how to live their lives, just like the Pope, which in itself makes a mockery of Buddhism.
  • Barack Obama: Come on, it was only 9 months since his inauguration, and back then, so far being the first black president was all he did, and still he gets the prize? I’m sorry, there’s no part of that I find makes sense. By the way, I’m sure being the first black president was all he did to get the prize.
  • The European Union: Easily one of the most useless, pointless, purposeless monolithic entities I have ever heard of. And still they get awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last year. Why? They’re just a party of European bureaucrats and politicians for hell’s sakes. Why do they deserve any award?
  • Al Gore: All this man ever did was publish books on environmentalism, serve as Bill Clinton’s vice president, fail to be president in 2000 (albeit in a somewhat dishonest outcome), and make a phony movie about climate change. And yet in 2007, he won the award, with the help of the International Panel on Climate Change, itself an entity designed only to create a unified doctrine on climate change. The whole thing is rather pathetic if you ask me.
  • Mother Teresa: In 1979, she won the award for, supposedly, fighting poverty. No she did not! She only made things worse, and in fact advocated poverty and the suffering of the poor.
  • Yasser Arafat: This guy couldn’t have less to do with contributing to world peace. He was a Palestinian leader who is either considered a freedom fighter for Palestine, or a terrorist responsible for hundreds of deaths. Either way, all he did to earn the prize in 1994 was negotiations in Oslo. That’s it. Nothing else.
  • Bono: While he never won the prize, he was nominated for the prize in 2005. Why? He may have done some philanthropy, some charity work in Africa, and other humanitarian works, but it’s not like his efforts ever amounted to anything or got results. Besides, he’s not doing it for goodness’ sake, or for any quirk of virtue in his heart. He’s doing it for fame, and to promote himself. But that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that he’ll always try to make it look like he genuinely cares, but in reality, he’s just another celebrity doing it for the sake of narcissistic promotion, and he’ll always lie about his true intentions.

If the Nobel Peace Prize is gonna keep giving out awards for political purposes or just for show, then why bother. Hell, there’s no reason for the prize’s existence either way. Why do we still care?


3 responses to “It’s time we got rid of the Nobel Peace Prize

  1. I think that they were trying to butter Barry up by giving him the Nobel Peace Prize. I don’t even think it was nine months after being elected.

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