I’ve always wanted to go to the jungle

That looks so sweet.

I have always dreamed of travelling to many places around the world. I’ve wanted to go to Africa, Australia, and the Far East (China and Japan), among other places. Since I was a kid, I’ve loved jungles and dreamed of going to a tropical rainforest. For a time, I even wanted to be a scientist of sorts in Venezuela. I got over that pretty fast, but my love for the jungle remained.

I even tried supporting environmentalistic causes aimed at saving the rainforests. I’m less inclined to be very environmentalistic, due to some learned skepticism, but this doesn’t change a lot about my opinion of rainforest. It seems a very primal place, and a lush place that always births countless life on what seems like a constant basis. It also sounds like paradise. Where I can have some fun and some wild times. It sounds childish, but you have to remember that (a) my childhood is where this comes from, and (b) I have never been to a real life rainforest anywhere. Can you blame me, though?


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