Assertion is important to freedom

Being assertive like a gorilla

If you want to keep your freedom, you must be vigiliant, and strong. Thusly, I believe you need to be assertive. Think about it, if you have strength or power, the need to assert that power is only natural. Asserting the power to defend your freedom is key.

One who hides is not a free man. A free man lives by the sword and chooses to be free, so to speak. Oppression gets broken with power, which is why tyrants fear power. I’ve put up a good verbal fight a few times before, and assertiveness is something I value and make a goal.

Is it any wonder why governments and tyrants find it easier to manipulate the weak and the apathetic? Because they do not assert themselves, or their power. We do not raise our swords in the air, so to speak, to express our willpower. Should a tyrant try to take your free will, said swords would prick his/her feet. Do not be manipulated.


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