Why there is no sex in the Garden of Eden

Don’t be fooled by Adam and Eve’s nakedness, or the lush greenery, or the wildlife.

We know the story of the garden of Eden don’t we? According to the book of Genesis, at the beginning of the Old Testament, the god of the Bible created Adam out of the earth and Eve out of his rib (if you don’t count Lilith being made from the earth before Eve, but that’s a different matter entirely), and they lived in the Garden of Eden with god above them, and they were pure until they defied god and ate of the tree of knowledge. But think about it for a second. Adam and Eve lived pure in the garden until the “sin”, right? What do you think that means?

They were virgins.

You see, they were pure in the eyes of the Biblical god, right? That would mean they virtually without thought, innocent of all “sinful” conduct, and I doubt they knew about sex either. Yep, Adam and Eve didn’t even have sex until they got banished from the garden for eating the fruit. To add to that, it’s been said that Eve eating the fruit of the tree is a metaphor for sex and loss of virginity. I would say that’s partly true, in that sex isn’t the only thing to it, but it’s still important to the myth. Eating the fruit could be said to be Adam and Eve’s sexual awakening, becoming aware of their of their sexuality and sexual potential, among numerous other things.

Also, is it any coincidence that Cain and Abel were born from Eve after the couple got banished from Eden and not before? Now why would the god of the Bible want to keep early Man from sexual awakening? God seems to be intent on keeping Adam and Eve away from sexual awakening and deciding good and evil for themselves. Eating the fruit is the symbol of the rebellion against god, Man’s sexual awakening, and deciding good and evil for yourself rather than having it fed to you by god in heaven. Why might that be, I wonder?

Regardless, the rebellion is still ongoing. As long as we still have the Biblical god in our minds as a deity that we worship, and as long as that god has any power, granted by faith and worship, the rebellion of the devil’s fruit will go on.

The devil’s fruit


One response to “Why there is no sex in the Garden of Eden

  1. Hello again, I think that you are reading a lot into the Genesis account and leaving a few hints out, regarding this sexless time in Eden. It is pretty plain that Adam got pretty excited when Eve was brought to Adam. You could paraphrase what Adam said as Wow! I don’t think I need to elaborate more. I’m sure there have probably been theologians that agree with you about their virginity, probably Augustine because he never was able to accept sex as something pure because of his own past. It is also interesting to consider the erotic Song of Solomon, which mostly has garden-like scenes. One of its underlying messages is that sex/love is a sort of return to an eden-like paradise. Why do you think people like it so much? But we pollute it. Paul said to the pure all things are pure, to the impure nothing is pure. Yet another thing to remember is that God commanded Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply, so sex was certainly recommended by God! I admit that we don’t know how long they were in the garden, but I personally don’t think they would have wasted any time!
    Anyway, just some thoughts, and certainly not meant to be taken personally! (Again, I don’t know enough about you to make it personal – I hope you know what I mean!)

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