We all need something to hate

I know, not the best image.

Everybody hates something, hates different things, and everybody needs something to despise in order to make themselves feel better, or feel more like they’re good guys. And luckily for us, we’re spoiled for choice on things to hate/oppose/dislike. Diffierent ideas, concepts, people, creatures, and things to hate. And different reasons to correspond with that hate. Or we just do.

Keep in mind, I am not saying that we go around discriminating against people left and right just because of the delusion that I’m giving you an excuse to hate random people.

We need monsters because we want something to fight. We want to feel heroic. The feeling of heroism excites mankind and bolsters the ego. And did you know that hate gives you a high similar the high produced by cocaine? Well, I already know I don’t need cocaine for a rush. Man, does trying to set yourself up as a hero give you that much a high? That aside, trying to find or even create monsters for us to fight is our way of enacting our instincts of anger, whether it’s rational or not.


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