I’d rather be an anti-hero

Dante from Devil May Cry, an example of a more heroic anti-hero.

Let’s be clear, I do not like the thought of being a superhero. You can have any power you want, sure, but superheroism is so uncreative, tacky, and chliched. Then there’s the ideal hero, which is much the same. You’re good guy and hero from sunrise to sunset and stand for “moral correctness”, but then there’s being stupid good or lawful stupid all the time, even to the point of being a tight-ass who strictly abides by his moral code, expects others to do the same, and won’t allow for deviation. And then the tragic hero. Really? All that struggling, moping, and suffering? I pass.

Now anti-heroes, they just do what they want, what they think is right. Most of them are badasses. They don’t buy all that “the power of love” crap. They know what to do. Just so you know, I mean the modern violent yet heroic anti-hero, not the classical anti-hero who was plagued by flaws and was mediocre, in contrast to the classical hero, who was a paragon of awesomeness.

As an anti-hero I’d know what to do with who I judge as the bad guys: swipe ’em with a katana, blast ’em with machine guns or chain guns, and burn ’em with fire. Also making use of primal power. I can do things with the freedom that no proper hero has.


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