Anti-smoking, give it a rest.

I don’t smoke, and I don’t like smoking, but I still don’t oppose someone else’s right to smoke. It doesn’t matter if people know they’re slowly killing themselves or not, it’s still their choice whether they want to smoke or not.

But those damn noise boxes never learn, especially in the UK, where I live. I take it the UK is not a huge fan of the libertarian ideals of free choice and personal responsibility for ourselves. No, they’re more of a “doing what’s best for us” kind of country. You know, those nanny states that try or pretend to be in the interest of the public as a whole or pretend to act in the interest of public and common good. They’re never far off from being totalitarian dictatorships in my books.

If anything, I think personal responsibility is a way better solution than just going on a rampage of banning smoking like our lazy instincts inspire us to. If we listen to people who are only interested in taking things away from other people, we’ll never get to exercise said powers of responsibility.


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