Politicians always use religious/traditional issues to distract and exploit the ignorant

Because this can’t possibly be wrong in any way…right?

Everytime time so-called “issues” like gay marriage, traditional values, and religion pop up on the news, don’t you ever think “goddammit, not this again”?

Don’t be fooled by when politicians seem like they care, now matter how much they seem like they’re in the right. All they care is to distract us from the bigger picture. Don’t listen to all the media’s pretentions of fairness and neutrality, or even their pretentions of supporting a moral cause. They only care for promoting the nonsense just to get quick attention and ratings. Don’t pay heed to when celebrities dip in the mess. They’re just in it for good publicity no matter how you skin it.

Politicians always look for a scapegoat or something to take attention away from the real problems. From economic trouble, to corrupt or incompetent government. It works because the lot of have no idea, to the point of us being sheep most of the time. Worse when we decide celebrities are our guide for our opinions, instead of guiding ourselves. If clear through the noise fog, you’ll actually see that such issues as homosexuality and traditional values are pretty unimportant in todays society. And if your worried about collective social identity, don’t be. If you should worry about any identity, it should be your own. If you let the noises of social and cultural politics jam your vision, you’ll fall into the trap, and miss what’s really going on, or what really matters.