Rock n’ roll may be relatively young, but it’s principles are timeless

Rock music as we know it is around 60 years old, but I believe there are principles behind rock music that are carried on from older forms of music are also quite energetic.

I have a feeling that the tribal drumming, and the vibrant dancing to the drums, is a simplistic, localized form of modern day concerts with everyone, including the musicians and fans jumping up and down to the music. In parts of Africa, there are tribes whose traditions consists of dancing energetically to the beat of drums. It’s not the same, but the principle is important.

Besides, it was the meeting of African musical traditions with Western instrumentation that is said to have led to the birth of what was called rock and roll, which would eventually lead to the rock we know and love (and by extension heavy metal).

The timeless principle is energy, it’s jamming in rhythm to the musical expression of raw energy (although you wouldn’t really think so with regards to some forms of rock, which seem softer). That principle was expressed in tribal times in their forms of music, and still resonates throughout music.


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