Don’t be pressured into buying clothes based on ethics

You ever heard of those campaigns to get you to shop ethically? Ever seen Blood, Sweat, and T-Shirts, that insufferable moral highground TV show where they send youngsters to India to try and teach them to shop for clothes with a thought for ethics and moral conscience. Followers of this blog can guess where this is going from here.

Of course, these things are all designed with the goal to manipulate your sense of conscience and empathy, your free choice, just to get you to follow a certain pattern when it comes to shopping, usually other than your own. And for what? Do they think they’re doing the right thing by trying to get shoppers and teens to care about something that isn’t exactly relevant and manipulating human sentimentality to that end?

Then there’s the Benetton Group, a.k.a. United Colours of Benetton, an Italian-based global fashion brand with vested interests in manipulating your moral conscience and free will into caring for various moral issues, often progressive, global, foreign, or international. And for what? Oh, just to make some dola, that’s all. They don’t really care about ethics or morality, they’re only interested in luring the fools into buying their products. All that moral stuff is the just for show.

An example of Benetton’s advertising campaign.

I wonder how many people get fooled by Benetton’s campaigns. At any rate, Benetton continues to dishonestly manipulate morally conscious minds into buying their products, and for decidedly less than saintly pursuits.

The whole point is don’t be so easily pushed into morally conscious shopping, because (a) you don’t have to care just because someone tries to tell you to, and (b) don’t be so quick to think that companies advertising moral consciousness have the best interests at heart. Buy what you want because you really want it, or it speaks to you, not because of some moral obligation.


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