What is chaos?

Fractal of Chaos

How do I define chaos? I define it not as violent disorder, as a confused space, an empty void, or as the designated object of fear and contempt designed for a lazy species. I see it as a primal force, a primal element, and a primal power, intimately linked with creation and destruction, and all the ecstasy of creation and existence. Whenever we try to designate an order, it is still an order of chaos, and some would say it is an order, and yet not order. Conflict, war, the struggle and fighting of warriors, life and death, desire, power, sex, free will, even our precious natural order harks back to chaos. All primal origins. Chaos is in all of us, because of its primal nature. And we’re primal too, ya know.

To quote the brilliant Hakim Bey (who despite our mild political differences I can respect), “Chaos never died”. And that’s true, the primordial chaos has never been destroyed. Not in the stories of creation, not in the noise of our Abrahamic texts, not in the realm of mankind, not anywhere, not ever. The gods never even killed chaos to begin with, they simply used it to create, and to transmute form, if that makes any sense. But do you really want it to die? Do you really want order, or rather the false, artificial, mechanical order? Would you really want something so lifeless, breathless state, bereft of spirit, energy or power, absolutely determined? Would you really want emptiness? In fact, one might say that chaos becomes more needlessly frightening the more you try to cut yourself off from it.

It’s a shame, really, that the only side of chaos most of get shown is evil, and it’s this “evil chaos” that gets too much attention. Really, good and evil are your judgement. You are the judge of right and wrong for yourself. The king of your own life. Master of your so-called destiny. That is part of chaos’ bliss, that you do whatever you want in it, and make whatever you want with it. Chaos as a form can be considered like clay or play-dough, in that you can make it into whatever form you want, but I most associate it with primal beings or objects, things that represent desire, the wild, freedom, and power, especially roaring power, mainly because the thing I know and respect chaos for: its primality.


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