Why Forrest Gump is overrated

Ah, Forrest Gump. The 1994 drama where some dumbass experiences and influences world events and takes the pie of life in the face, now preserved in the US National Film Registry as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.” Why?

The movie itself is incredibly and insufferably sentimental, barely funny, and it feels like every character in the entire movie other than Forrest is better and more on the ball than him. And what about the historical events? Do they travel us through our humanity? No! The makers of the film simply manipulated history to suit its sentimental message.

You may find it hard to believe, but I find no reason to like or respect this man or what he stands for.

What exactly does the main character of the same name stand for? To me, nothing! He’s heralded as an agent of redemption? What are we coming to when a man who is a complete idiot is given messianic status? He’s not a redeemer. He’s just a doofus that bumps into everything he sees, knows nothing about life, and doesn’t know when his childhood girlfriend has had enough of him. What bugs me the most is the fact that such a person is accepted as a figure of redemption, which says something worrying about the movie’s fans, let alone America. He symbolizes the credo that all you have to do is take life like a cream pie without complaining, just like a tool, and if you do that, you’ll get all the fame and good fortune handed to you like a free soda. In fact, he is so dumb, that the only reason he got into school was because his mom had sex with the principal so that he could get into school. He only had a future based on a blatantly unethical practice; securing the future of the hopeless and untalented through sex. This is one of the worst messages you could possibly spread through human society. And this is popular? Surely this is a joke.