The annoying thing about psychics

A sign for psychic readings, a.k.a . false hope.

We keep hearing about various people each claiming to be psychic, or being able to see spirits, or be able to talk to the dead. All of them claim some kind of supernatural power, but there’s never anything to prove it solidly. You can never tell the difference between genuine articles and total shams.

The worst thing about it is that pop culture is infected with shows like Medium, Ghost Hunters, John Edward, The Mentalist, Most Haunted, Psychic Sally, and other shows that are, with all likelihood, obvious scams because they’ve no idea what they’re talking about. They probably just drag along fake psychics versed in cold reading and pass them off as genuine just to make some crap for TV.

Also, never ever follow internet instructions for developing psychic abilities or psychokinetic abilities. It’s probably all smoke and mirrors. It’s often either from some New Age types or from people who try to copy TV, anime, and video games. I for instance have tried following telepathy instructions, following them exactly. You can probably guess how that went.

And what if you were psychic, or thought you were. How would you know for sure if you did have psychic powers, or if you were just losing it?