My thoughts on Asura (or the Asuras)

Asura-Oh, from Shin Megami Tensei. Probably based on the Japanese Buddhist depiction of Asura.

Asura is a figure of intruige in my opinion. He is a strong and powerful. A bright and brilliant god, yet also associated with dark, demonic forces. A fierce god, a god of war.

In Indian myth, they are considered power-seeking deities who exist alongside the devas, the gods in heaven. They are often considered materialistic nature-beings. The term first appeared in Vedic religious literature, in which asura was mainly a title for various gods. It means “mighty”, or “powerful”. Many Vedic gods were described as asura, and have been ascribed that epithet many times, such as Indra, Agni, Varuna, Mitra, and Rudra. This epithet, and its variants (such as asurya, meaning “strength”), indicate the strength and power of gods.

Indian art of an Asura or Rakshasa.

Unfortunately, when Hinduism began interacting with Islam and Christianity, through the Muslim invasions and British conquests respectively, Hinduism became something more black and white, and Asura became demon. While in the lands of Persia (a.k.a. Iran), where Zoroastrianism was prevalent, asura become “ahura”, and refers to three entities: Ahura Mazda, Mithra, and Apam Napat. Ahura Mazda’s name comes from “asura medhira” which was a title given to the Vedic god Varuna, thus Ahura Mazda’s link with Varuna. I’ve heard that Ashura was also the name of a sun goddess from somewhere who was feared for bringing droughts.

A statue of Asura in Japanese Buddhism.

In Buddhism, they are gods of war, and quarrelsome demigods who always fight with the devas. The Japanese seem to have fleshed out Asura’s warrior characteristics and fierce expression. Fitting when you consider that in Japan, Asura is also a guardian.

Asura in Asura’s Wrath by CyberConnect2

Then we have the game, Asura’s Wrath, which heavily incorporates and fleshes out the Hindu and Buddhist themes it was inspired from. Asura here is shown as a being of potentially infinite strength, someone who won’t back down from a fight. The game itself is also awesome.

I consider Asura a god of war, light (like the sun), fire (Ahura Mazda was also associated with fire), power, and dark forces (in reference to its demonic status in Hinduism). Not a demon, not a demigod, but a fierce war god who is both light and dark. A symbol of power, maybe even the power we could potentially have.

2 responses to “My thoughts on Asura (or the Asuras)

  1. I have always been sympathetic towards the plight of the asuras. Cast out of heaven by Sakka, they are in an eternal war with the devas. Anyone who has been second fiddles can understand how the asuras feel.

  2. MMM in my opinion the myths are only that, like a force, like a spiritual power, energy, images and knowledge for our enrichment. Actually i think that persons on earth who are “gods of light with power fierce and both light and dark” it s an atractive idea, and in reality it happens to look us like that or look others, but there goes the truth: we are sometimes only light, sometimes idiot dark, sometimes we idiots when we still growing with no power of concience: that, concience, goes after, so we can t look us like a mythical unity of light with has light and dark, because we are in fact much than that, at one moment say im god of light with light and dark? all of us can do it. And persons from of likes or point of view who acomplish the requirements, but it s symbol more, an energy, so the answer the truth is out there and we must grow and learn to no suffer, then understand life. This post speaks about Asura beings, i already know it, but precisely i talk about what is for me that legend. Also i find very atractive the idea that before muslims or christians asura were gods of light, can be true, it goes directly as an excuse for persons who thinks oh my god im on the dark, and as i says it s about liberate sufering walking, and surely and completely: about loving.

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