Why Lucifer wouldn’t take sides with “God” or Satan

God Versus Devil by VegasMike on Deviantart

I know, you probably think this title is strange, or makes no sense. After all, aren’t Lucifer and Satan the same entity? Well let’s view it in this sense. The Christian God, or Yahweh/El, and Satan are two sides of a war, in which they use humanity as pawns for their own ends. To them humanity is just ignorant fodder for the war, and who knows whether they care after it’s all over. And here, Lucifer, that rebel angel, is caught in the middle, and he’s not taking sides with either. Perhaps he objects to the whole idea, or perhaps he just doesn’t want to have to obey either side. Either way, he’s not taking sides, and going his own way.

The whole point behind this scenario is this: if Lucifer were a true rebel, and if he was caught between two sides, he wouldn’t side with anyone, and instead assert his independence, just like a true devil.

Of course, if Lucifer is the same as Satan, then at least he didn’t take a side, or rather claimed his own. But I don’t see him playing the same game, and I don’t see him being the Satan of our traditional “God versus Satan” conflict.


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