One who wears a false face over his real one.

I hate hypocrites. Anyone one who pretends to hold values, morals, beliefs, and ideals of any sort, and in reality does not hold them, and more often than not acts against them. And I hate coming close to being one, because that would be becoming the thing that I hate.

If you sincerely hold beliefs and morals, but do not have the moral strength to fulfill them, you’re not a hypocrite. If you pretend to hold those things and do not actually follow them, you are.

Hypocrisy plagues politics and religion consistently. For instance, the two sides of the American political pole. Those on the liberal end claim to profess defence of social and civil liberties, while simultaneously they persecute the politically incorrect, thus they attack those that disagree with them and try to shame them as being horrible people, and many liberal politicians and spokespersons support their lofty causes from their very well-off abodes. Those on the conservative end claim to profess morality and traditional values, but their economic practices and their support of greed and unbridled war often contradict their dedication to morality, let alone Christian morality.  An example of religious hypocrisy would be the Abrahamic religions, which practice “do unto others what you would want done to you”, and “love thy neighbour”, while preaching war against the unbelievers, “heathens”, homosexuals, bisexuals, and women.

Most of the time this happens when you take ideas and put them in the hands of people who do not actually believe them, and are only in pursuit of power and wealth. The pursuit of power and wealth would be somewhat forgivable if they didn’t just dishonestly use beliefs and ideals to do it. The tragedy is that even so-called believers in freedom fall to hypocrisy.

I wonder, what does it take to stem this hypocrisy? When will the hypocrites be chastised for their falsehood towards themselves?


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