What I’m always standing for

This kinda sounds like my views.

I kinda feel like speaking my views today, because sometimes I find my views under atttack, sometimes from my own thoughts.

If you want things to be simple, I’m an individualist, and my prime principle individuality over collectivity, that is the freedom and uniqueness of the individual over conformity to society, government, or any kind of collectivity. Like any good individualist, I value independence and self-reliance, and living your life for yourself, and the way I see, those things are the path to personal freedom. There’s two ways of being free. First is to remove all sources of oppression, the other is to be independent and to have the personal power to stay free. You’ve got to be strong to keep your freedom, don’t let anyone take it away from you, use you or take advantage of you. I value anything that leads to actualization of what I value, leading me to be respectful of anarchism, libertarianism, or anything that values freedom and individuality, or shares my values, but most of the time, I trust my own instincts and my own mind.

Speaking of my values, as I may have mentioned in my very first post when I introduced myself, I value freedom, individuality, personal power, personal responsibility (by at least recognizing that all your actions are your own), and justice. I don’t limit my self by other people’s morals, and carry my own as my sword. Don’t be confused, I can be laid-back, but like having a warrior thing going on. Anyway, I don’t have many morals, but the ones I do have are important, and I keep them as strong as possible. I mainly just expect people to be aware that their actions are their own, and everything that implies. Do whatever you want, but be aware that you are the conductor of your deeds, and don’t expect some of your less than savory actions to go unopposed. This is why I don’t like hypocrites, or people who pretend to hold the values they say they do. I also don’t like those who blindly cling to authorities, gods, dogmas, and saviours as masters of their lives because they don’t have the strength to save them selves, much like why I don’t like religion as a concept.

I also heavily oppose tyrants, and hate them to the bone, along with anything that would go against our freedom and individuality. When it comes to them, all bets are off in my mind. As such, I value any act of opposing them, even the most violent acts of opposing tyrants, after all they should know what their evil actions and their oppression of free will would bring them by know. But I also stress the importance of making sure new tyrants aren’t born. Often times, our weakness, ignorance, and apathy, along a sense of “back to the way things were” or “back to normal”, leads us to fill the void left by the removal of tyrants with just something else to put our faith in, another master, false god, or object of worship to blindly obey. This is an incessant cycle that keeps us from being strong, and it happens because we don’t ask for more. We don’t care that the next oppressor will come along, just so long as this one’s gone. Until most people realize this , they’ll never allow themselves to be free and be strong.

Thank you for listening, and remember to rebel.


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