Why a truly Christian Christmas would suck

I’ve already talked about how Christmas isn’t actually Christian, but actually quite pagan, with the only Christian part being its name. But what if Christmas had its pagan roots and elements completely removed from it? What if it was actually a Christian holiday? Would it suck? The short answer is yes, but I’ll tell you why.

Remember all that awesome stuff Christmas had that I told you was pagan or folk in origin? Try to imagine Christmas with all of that gone. No Santa, no presents, no Christmas tree, no Christmas feast, no Christmas parties, no mistletoe traditions, etc. Since nothing about Christmas is in the Bible, not even December 25th being Jesus’ birthday, there would be nothing left. It wouldn’t be the festive winter celebration we know and love, probably not even the winter part. In fact, the only thing in Christmas that’s in the Bible is the Nativity, and that’s only in Christmas because we’ve co-opted it into the holiday, and the church too. Without everything folk and pagan that makes Christmas, or Yule, so great, it’d be nothing but a solemn day commemorating the birth of a man who was believed to be tortured on the cross to death for our salvation. It’d be dull.

Complain about materialism in Christmas all you like, but I can’t dare to imagine a Christmas that was actually Christian.


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