Fighting for freedom on the Internet

Whether you’re a saint, a troll, an average user, or someone like me, the internet is an important part of our lives. The internet is just about the freest place on earth, virtually unlimited, much like the chaos I extolled in an earlier post. But, as you may have guessed, tyrants are out there, trying to clamp down on the freedom of the Internet. Remember SOPA and PIPA? Well it’s not ending there. In the last two years, governments around the world have enacted 19 laws to censor the Internet and regulate content. There’s a plot involving governments across the world, and the ITU, to negotiate a treaty. And only governments would have a say.

I don’t usually get active, but this is the Internet, Freedom is at stake, and I can play a part so easily. There’s a pledge on Google to fight the censorship of the Internet. I’ve already signed, and I’m allowing you guys the opportunity to do so as well if you choose.

Here’s a link:

There’s tons more people wordlwide fighting it, and now I’m one of them. What about you?


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