Why not be an objective self?

Reality is not objective, or at least not as simple or objective as you think. But let’s not focus on emulating reality. Instead, let’s be objective about ourselves and refuse to go with the flow. We are all unique individuals. We all have different tastes, traits and things that define us as individuals, I suspect most often in different combinations of tastes. And there’s so many voices telling to conform out there, so many messages. If you have the strength, then refuse it. Be yourself absolutely. Refuse to bow to someone else’s vision just for its own sake. Refuse to worship any god but your own. Refuse to die for someone else’s dreams. Don’t kill your dreams, vision, and inspirations. And don’t run away. Make your eyes as fierce as flames. Make yourself free. Know what you want. Be strong. I myself am just another person trying to be objective in the face of the world and slowly walking that path of fire, and have yet to reach the goal What about you?


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