False Gods

DISCLAIMER: This is not a religious rant. I have already stated my view of God in an earlier post.

Even though society is becoming less religious in the modern world, we still behave like we are religious. There are still “Gods” in our society. Celebrities. Pop stars. Economics. Politicians. Scientific intellectuals. Philosophers. Sports personalities. People representing causes. Television personalities. Really anyone who we can take as role models for our children and dump all responsibility on so that we can degenerate into apathy and laziness. Or anything that we just bow down to unquestioningly. The desire for these false Gods is the ghastly placenta from which celebrity culture and a culture centered around role models are both born and from which they continue to plague mankind.

Gangnam Style now has the highest views of any YouTube video, and it is without any quality whatsoever. In fact, it’s an embarassment. And now Psy is becoming a household name of 2012. Anyone else wondering why?

How does this happen? How do people continue to find something to worship pointlessly? How do people continue to find something to crown a role model to funnel all their responsbility to? Seriously. I am actually wondering why. Are we really that stupid? And what will it take to go without worshipping any of these false gods? Will we think for ourselves?

One thought on “False Gods

  1. I recently posted about the subject of tribalism. What is religion or a god but a form of tribalism, like one group supports Chelsea and another Liverpool, and sometimes fans clash on the streets over their tribal group.

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