Insecurity is the root of the desire for collectivity

Ever wondered what man’s greatest folly is? Is it his greed? No. Is it his lust? No. Is it his pride? No. It is his insecurity. Man deludes himself with emptiness, with insignificance, and with loneliness, and it depresses and toxifies his mind. It’s why we flee to oneness and sameness. The insecurity is Man’s mind is the originator of cliches, a mentality centered around the group or collective, and an aversion to the notion of self. The insecurity itself spawns from people looking at life and the world around you with their eyes only, only looking for objective meaning to reality and finding none, and so losing hope. We even take individuality and thinking for ourselves as the sin that spawned our morality, thanks to our religious thought. Have we overcome this authoritarian, depressing, toxifiying insecurity yet? I don’t know, but I can assume not, since even our democracy is tainted by it. How in thousands of years of human history are we still not strong enough?


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