God and Deity

No, this is not God, and I do not worship a galaxy.

This post is actually about my idea of God as in a force of the universe, and my idea of deities from religion and mythology as personalize deities.

As I mentioned in my post about religion, my idea of God is an impersonal force that runs through the universe, existence, and beyond. I think it’s basically like Pantheism, and I hear it’s like the concept of the Nirguna Brahman in Hindu thought. But would I worship that? No, I wouldn’t. Why would I worship an impersonal force? In fact, a God that requires worship, let alone needs humans or any other creature so greatly, logically cannot be the true God, but rather just an entity created for social control.

Deities ascribed in mythology seem more like personal, anthropic, and emotional deities, personifications of our power and our human qualities. These deities represent us.

Ganesha, an example of a personal and mythological deity and one of the most popular and widely-recognized deities in Hinduism.

In our mind, we create deities out of ourselves that represent our personal qualities. We may even have the power to make them real, at least to us. I still wouldn’t advise worshipping them, but rather take them as representational, or make our own to represent our unique individual selves.


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