The Pagan Connection

Astarte, a Canaanite pagan goddess of love, sexuality, and war

I would like to discuss the wonderful connection between the pagan world and the modern world, which the Abrahamic way has ultimately failed to suppress. I suspect the pagan world has always remained in all of the world, all of the magic and essence, and many religious and spiritual elements remain. More importantly, pagan Man is still a part of modern Man. Why do we cheat our monotheistic commitment often? Because deep down, we’re still not Abrahamic. Can you imagine if Man was Abrahamic in nature? I can’t imagine a creature like that.

Think, the respect for and celebration of sexuality is still somewhere to be found in mankind. Our celebrations, such as Christmas and Easter, among others, celebrate fertility, magic (not to be confused with magick), and life, and the motion of the reality represented by the seasonal cycles and that of life, death, and rebirth. I also suspect that pagan men also valued strength, and proving their strength, and this has been throughout the ages to this very day. The things that make us human are also very pagan. Imagine what it would be if you took that all away? You would have a dehumanized human race.


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