Hypocrisy and Political Correctness has set South Park on a road to ruination

Anyone here like South Park? I do, but I don’t like South Park’s creators or its broadcaster very much. Matt Stone and Trey Parker were visionaries back when South Park started, with its cute but definitely not cuddly third-grade ensemble, its vicious mockery of the hypocrisy of the adults around them, its attacking of politics and religion in general, and, most importantly, its disregard for political correctness to the point that it deconstructs the very idea behind it: the idea that if you act or don’t act a certain way, or say certain things, then you are a horrible person. That mantra secretly upheld in so-called liberal thought was always treated as bullcroc in South Park, right? Well, not quite. In fact, Comedy Central, and the creators of South Park to an extent, has been cowtowing to threats from both Muslim extremists and, of all people, Tom Cruise. The same guys who stood for fredom of speech constantly had put a black eye on their own values and can never go back. Made worse when Isaac Hayes decided to choose his faith in Scientology over his meaningful role in South Park. After that, it seemed the show could only go one way: down. Ironically, they made a two-part episode called Cartoon Wars, which talks about censorship and its follies, after personally doing the same with Super Best Friends, Trapped in the Closet, 200, and 201. Doesn’t that seem kinda pathetic to you, especially when after that they still haven’t decided to stand up for themselves and re-syndicate those episodes?


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