Why I think El is the Abrahamic god

I suspect the Abrahamic god has its roots with the Canaanite god El, and in fact it, technically, is El. For starters, the names of the angels and of Israel ends with El, and El refers to God. Second, one can take the Biblical god as a composite of many Canaanite gods, including characteristics of Hadad, god of storms and fertitlity who opposed the sea monster Yam, but his main characteristics are those of El: an ancient and fatherly sky god depicted as a bearded elderly man, maintainer of order in the universe, his son (Hadad) died and was resurrected (albeit by his sister Anat), he is somewhat distant and unapproachable and required a go-between to send prayers to, and he was called Father of Humanity, Father of Time, Eternal Father, etc. El is actually the primary source of our image of God in this respect, and in a way, the Biblical faiths really just took El to different levels and adding the characteristics of a montheistic god. Thusly, I find the name Yahweh inappropriate.


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